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Under the epidemic, Philippine customer service is in action

Time flies, the years are long, and in a blink of an eye, 2020 has quietly passed, and 2021 has arrived. In the past year, the global new crown epidemic has continued to spread, and the domestic epidemic in the Philippines has not been optimistic. The total number of confirmed cases has reached 490,000 daily. Nearly 2,000 new cases were added. In the face of a severe epidemic, Du Zhongjiang, a service worker in the Philippines, did not shrink back, and always insisted on serving the front line in the Philippines. He has served for nearly 400 days, and is fully committed to ensuring the normal operation of more than 200 Lovol excavators and serving the Philippines. There are more than 40 construction teams throughout the territory, serving more than 4,000 kilometers of communication optical cable line projects.

The service work in the Philippines in 2020 has been successfully completed, and the main part of the first phase of the major customer project in the Philippines has been successfully completed. According to the plan, the project will be delivered in March this year. At the same time, the third largest telecommunications company in the Philippines will officially go online. Promote the construction of the Philippine communications network, improve the service level of the Philippine communications industry, and provide the Filipino people with better and faster communications services. At present, the Philippine major customer company is stepping up the docking construction of the communication optical cable branch line and the signal tower of the first phase of the project. All construction teams are working overtime to ensure that the first phase of the project is delivered on schedule.

Faced with such a tight schedule, Du Zhongjiang, a service worker in the Philippines, did not dare to slacken off at all times, and was still orderly and steadily advancing various service work. On the morning of New Year’s Day this year, Du Zhongjiang suddenly received a call from a construction team in the northern part of Luzon Island in the Philippines to report that one of their excavators could not start normally, causing the excavators to fail to work and affecting the normal construction of the construction team. Du Zhongjiang hung up. After the phone call, after having a preliminary judgment and analysis of the fault, I prepared the tools and accessories, and drove to the excavator construction site as soon as possible. After a three-hour journey, he finally arrived at the construction site. Du Zhongjiang first understood with the excavator driver The use and maintenance of the excavator, failure phenomena and other related information, and then get on the car to check the excavator's starting circuit one by one. After careful line inspection, it is preliminarily judged that the electromagnetic switch of the starter is short-circuited. Du Zhongjiang performed the electromagnetic switch When it was dismantled and replaced, it was found that there was a lot of mud at the junction of the starter and the flywheel housing. Suddenly, Du Zhongjiang wondered if the excavator had sunk in the mud before, causing a large amount of muddy water to enter the engine flywheel or starter. He continued Communicate with the driver to confirm, the driver said, "The excavator was indeed caught in the quagmire before. After we dragged the excavator out, we found a car wash shop to clean the excavator as new, but did not expect the mud to enter the start Go inside the machine.” Du Zhongjiang thought for a while. In order to completely solve the starter malfunction, it is not enough to just replace the parts. He thought of a solution, first dismantling and cleaning the starter, then replacing the new electromagnetic switch, then removing the main pump, focusing on cleaning the mud inside the flywheel, and troubleshooting from the source. Finally, after Du Zhongjiang's hard work for a day, the starter and flywheel housing have been cleaned, and a new electromagnetic switch has been replaced. On-site test run inspection shows that the excavator can start normally. Finally, the troubleshooting was completed. After that, he returned to his residence. . Du Zhongjiang's New Year's Day is a busy and fulfilling day, and it is also a day with a sense of accomplishment. Service work is just like that. Helping customers solve problems and create benefits for customers is the greatest motivation for service staff.

This is just a microcosm of Du Zhongjiang's daily work in the Philippines for more than 400 days. On the second day of New Year's Day, Du Zhongjiang will continue to the southernmost part of Luzon in the Philippines to help the construction team install and debug the breaker. Lovol people always adhere to "Lovol Services, wholeheartedly for you", always on the road of serving customers, starting from the heart, serving with heart, and never stop!