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Product driven, we are in action

Product-driven, efficient operation, and innovative development are Lovol's business policies, and product-driven is the foundation of business development. The product is the carrier, the bridge that connects the needs of customers, the company's internal R&D, manufacturing, procurement, distribution services and other links in the value chain. Without a good product, everything is impossible. Overseas customers have even more stringent requirements for products. Since the market has long been occupied by foreign brands, customers will naturally compare Lovol's products with well-known foreign brands. At this time, how to show the characteristics of Lovol products and highlight the advantages of Lovol products to win the trust of customers is particularly important.

As the saying goes, you still need to harden yourself. Only when we have a sufficient understanding of the products and carefully study the local market can we better demonstrate Lovol products for customers. At present, due to the raging foreign epidemic situation, most of the overseas marketing officers cannot go to the market terminal. In daily work, in addition to active online contact with distributors, everyone is also actively enriching their product knowledge. First of all, overseas marketing companies invited experts from the research institute to carry out product training for everyone to lay a solid foundation; after fully understanding product knowledge, everyone actively summarized product advantages, and conducted round-trip explanations and mutual evaluations. Marketing officers based on the market they are responsible for, Introduce key models and products in foreign languages; in terms of online promotion, everyone keeps pace with the times and earnestly produced small product promotion videos, actively disseminating the products on foreign social media.

Products are the foundation of business. In the new year, we will further increase product promotion in overseas markets, strive to provide customers with the highest quality solutions, win customers and win markets with practical actions, and take customers as the center for the company Make your own contribution.